Dog Training and Obedience Programs

My dog is great 90% of the time, but…

The reality is that most dogs really are great dogs, but like us humans, can use a little polish. Whether it is leash reactivity, resource guarding, or even bull rushing the front door when guests arrive, our belief is that every dog deserves the opportunity to show off their greatness without any caveats.

One on One Sessions

Sessions are the right path for owners who are committed to become their dog’s own personal trainer. In these packages, you will get meet the trainer and receive one on one coaching as you hone your dog training skills with your own pup.

Walk Program

Does your dog walk you or walk with you? A structured walk can be one of the best relationship building skills your dog can learn.


2 One-Hour Sessions
1 Prong Collar

The Basics

This package addresses excitement management and covers structured walks, thresholds, and the place command.

On Site/In Home

1 Two Hour Session
1 One Hour Session
1 Prong Collar


This package addresses minor behavioral issues and covers walk, thresholds, Place, Down, Crate, Out, & Food protocols.

On Site/In Home

1 Two Hour Session
3 One-Hour Sessions
1 Prong Collar
Book: Love Them By Leading Them by Sean O’Shea

Returning Clients Shop Drills

Whether it is the gym or a diet, sometimes we need a jump start to get back into things. Here is a great program for getting mental stimulation not offered by your average dog walker and with lots of great exposure.

1 Hour Consults

On Site/In Home


30 Minute Shop Drills(drop off and pick up at North Point required)


“These trainers are some of the best! They have a way of explaining things that make it easy for anyone to put their training techniques into practice right away. They specifically work on where we need to be as owners and how to lead our dogs into good behavior. Thank you for all that you do!”

Kelly Butler

All Clients have access to our Free Pack Walks once their Walking Course is complete.

Let’s Access the Best in Man’s Best Friend.

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