Recommended Training Products

Pet Convincer

Training Bed for Place Command You will want to customize the size for your dog.

Slip Lead: We lean towards thinner leads for our training as they are lighter weight and can double as drag leashes

Treats and Nutritional Gurus These are the folks we recommend all of our clients visit for developing a nutritional game plan for their dog. They also have a DIY bath for you to wash your dog yourself. For most of our sessions we use Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Raw

Our preferred Groomer Amie is an incredible groomer who we have sent even some of our trickier grooming dogs to. She is patient and works at the dog’s pace. Highly recommend.

We are a dealer for E-Collar Technologies and can provide both the tools and education needed to introduce dogs to e-collar sensation using stress free approaches.

Herm Sprenger is the brand we use for prong collars. We recommend that any pet owner work with a trainer to determine the fit and size to use. All of our packages include a prong collar when it is an appropriate approach for the dog we are working with.

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