Flip the switch đź’ˇ

Who do you allow to influence your perspective, your decisions, and what do you accept as true? Who do we trust based on their credentials and when should we question that?

This morning there were three posts from 3 very different people who are influencers in my world, all of them challenging us to dig a little deeper into what we read. We are pleased to share their ideas with a quick summary. Each of these people are a great follow.

Who influences the people you trust? Just because someone is considered reputable doesn’t mean they aren’t fed misinformation from their sources.
Ryan Yamka of NoBL
Ryan points out in this post that it is difficult to provide an unbiased medical recommendation when veterinary groups house regular advertising space for groups like Hills. Imagine if your pediatrician had McDonalds ads… wouldn’t you question the sources of their nutritional advice?

How to know if someone reputable has allowed influencers to create an agenda to manipulate you as a consumer?
Nicci Decrisantis of Northpoint Pets

Nicci highlights how the term “science” can be misleading, even from reputable sources like the AVMA. She points out how the AVMA put out an article making bold claims about raw pet food and pathogens citing non-peer reviewed abstracts that did not share the AVMA conclusion or lacked the data to support the AVMA conclusion.

How are you manipulated into believing statements without checking citations or understanding how to be critical of the citations?
Sean O’Shea of The Good Dog
Sean warns people looking for dog trainers to watch out for things that play on your emotions. People who challenge balanced dog training with lines like “don’t train with pain” and “science has proven punishment is harmful to your dog and your relationship”. They describe their own training as “Modern Science Based Training”. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. If it doesn’t parallel your experiences in reality(ie consequence free fun is not why you don’t speed on the high way), chances are that behavior modification science was already vetted and there is no new science, just gimmicks. Sean puts endless balanced dog training videos of his before and after work and has written multiple books. His proof is transparent and self-evident. Just because someone says science based, doesn’t mean they are any more credible than the aforementioned AVMA article. https://www.facebook.com/615098872/posts/10157263056708873/

All of these ideas tie together. Who is influencing the people you trust? Are you equipped to look for proof behind bold statements? And are you ready to screen the ideas you are presented by common sense and the the first two questions?

Staying in the dark is a choice. Are you ready to flip the switch? đź’ˇ

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